Transparency Requires Open Dialogue

Note: the following letter was submitted to Yorktown News/Halston Media and The Examiner

Dear Editor,

As the Democratic candidate for Yorktown Town Supervisor, I feel compelled to respond to the deeply troubling statements made by my opponent, Councilman Ed Lachterman, regarding campaign donations, ethics in local government, and public discourse more broadly.

In our recent debate, Councilman Lachterman defended accepting campaign contributions from individuals and businesses that have issues pending before the Town Board on which he serves. He went so far as to frame these questions as an attack on the First Amendment rights of free speech. He has also previously called out a Yorktown resident as being “un-American” for questioning campaign donations.

Questioning the donor/decision-maker relationship is a civic responsibility, not an “un-American” affront to free speech as the Councilman has claimed.

Mr. Lachterman’s use of such language and complaints of “weaponizing” the process of raising legitimate concerns is a blatant attempt to shut down opposing points of view and delegitimize debate.

Yorktown is facing issues that require open, honest, and robust debate; balancing the need to increase and diversify our housing stock with preserving green space, transitioning to cleaner energy while keeping taxes down, and encouraging redevelopment of vacant storefronts and blighted buildings.

Effective leadership requires inviting opposing points of view, not shutting them down.

Jann Mirchandani
Democratic Candidate, Yorktown Town Supervisor


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