Yorktown Code Enforcement Officer Removing Candidate’s Sign From Candidate’s Private Property


Yorktown Supervisor candidate, Jann Mirchandani, says she is focusing on the issues important to Yorktown residents while fielding questions from volunteers about missing campaign signs and banners that appear to be vandalized.

Mirchandani has photographs of her campaign sign being removed from her backyard by the Town’s code enforcement officer, who reports to the Deputy Supervisor. The sign was later retrieved – along with 5 additional signs – by using a GPS tracking device. A police report has been filed.

“I continue to talk about my plan for using the $22 million in excess fund balance to invest in needed infrastructure projects, redeveloping vacant and blighted buildings, transitioning the town to cleaner energy sources, and strengthening the local ethics law,” says Mirchandani. “Those are the things that matter to the taxpayers.”

Mirchandani got the idea to use a tracking device for her signs from the story of Town of Fishkill Councilman John Forman. Forman was the Republican candidate for town supervisor in 2023 and had been charged after collecting 30 signs that opposed his campaign. One of the signs was equipped with a tracking device. 

“I will stay focused on the issues and leave the politics as usual to the politicians.”


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